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 My company is a number approved by State Drug Administration system of state licences for the manufacture: Traditional Chinese medicine wraps up character 20080402) medicines and chemical reagents package manufacturing enterprises.

  Gain patent in glory: Horizontal type diplopore makes bag machine , the number of the patent: ZL200520129687.5 Anchoring resin agent special use compound film number of the patent: ZL20052019686.0 The patented product , letters modelled after a copy must investigate boldly.


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BOPP Composite Film

Plastic and Aluminized Compound Film

Medical packaging

Plastic and Paper CompoundFilm

Iridescent Compound Film

Mine package film

Anchoring agent diplopore bag

Anchoring agent use compoundFilm

warp and weft braider

M-Ⅱ Horizontal type diplopore makes bag machine

Punched-card machine

Resin clay mixer 

The resin clay irrigates dress machine

150 curing agent irrigates dress machine  

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