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 My company is a number approved by State Drug Administration system of state licences for the manufacture: Traditional Chinese medicine wraps up character 20080402) medicines and chemical reagents package manufacturing enterprises.

  Gain patent in glory: Horizontal type diplopore makes bag machine , the number of the patent: ZL200520129687.5 Anchoring resin agent special use compound film number of the patent: ZL20052019686.0 The patented product , letters modelled after a copy must investigate boldly.


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Phone: 86-0312-5717503
 Fax : 86-0312-5710565
President: Ma Luming
Telephone: 13931220502
Manager: Yang Chunjing
Telephone: 13303222229
Fengshi Packaging Materials Limited Company
Address: East rode zan gang towm Xiong Xian Hebei Province,China
   Code: 071800
Office number: 0312-5717503
    Fax: 0312-5710565
    President: Ma Luming
 Phone number: 13931220502
 Manager: Yang Chunjing
 Phone number: 13303222229
CopyRight:Fengshi wrapping material Ltd. Hebei ICP prepares 05008729 numbers technologies hold out: HuaXun technology